Tin Clad Fire Doors

Tin Clad Doors are typically seen in warehouses. They are handmade to a variety of sizes and can be sliding or swinging doors with numerous options ( i.e. Windows, Pass thru doors, Etc. ).

For industrial use they are supplied with a prime coat of paint. These doors are gaining popularity for a retro look and for esthetics they are provided un-primed raw tin.

Tin clads are constructed from multi layered wood and hand bent and cut tin sheets. Doors can be made 1 1/2 thick to 2 1/4 Inches thick.

Hardware for these doors can range from new hardware as manufactured by Richard-Wilcox or WSMD can supply handmade flat black primed hardware for a "Vintage" Look.

We have supplied tin clad sliders for Las Vegas Casinos, Ralph Lauren Stores, Upscale Apartment Buildings across the country, to name a few. All Doors are custom handmade to customers specifications.

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Tin Clad Photos

Mid Atlantic Resturaunt,Philadelphia PA

LBS - Red Rock Casino - Las Vegas , Nevada

Door Core Laid out on Cinch Nail Table

Door Cinch Nailed in alternating pattern

First Corner Hand bent and laid out on core

Seam Detail

Completed Coner

completed edge

  • Tin Clad Detail
  • Sliding Door hardware
  • #3 Single Slider