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KS = Key Side

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90 Minute Wood Fire Door

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Door handing is not as confusing as most people think it is, and we can give you a few rules of thumb so it's very simple. In many cases it doesn't even matter as quite a few locksets are reversible. Before you go to all the trouble, ask us if you even will need to know.

1. Forget everything that your friend, carpenter, builder or Uncle Ed ever told you about door handing.

2. Look at the door in question. Now, it should be pretty easy to tell what side of the door is the outside, and what side is the inside. Outside of a bedroom door you would be standing in the hallway. A bathroom door that is in a bedroom you are standing in the bedroom. A door from the garage to the house you would be standing in the garage. ANY exterior door you would be standing outside looking in. If your not sure what side is the outside, ask us.

3. That's it. It's never wrong. Forget everything else. You have now learned something most carpenters with 30 years experience STILL get wrong.

And even more handing lessons!!!